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      General conditions of the vacation service Finca las Palmeras      
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General conditions


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Information for guests before the journey


The vacation service Finca las Palmeras would like that you find the correct vacation and the accommodation most suitable for you! Please read the descriptions of house and the following references carefully! Since we know all houses introduced in the description personally, you should call us with doubts, in order itself to the houses or the environment still more near advise to leave. With your reservation you recognize these renting conditions as obligatorily.


After entrance of your written registration the vacation service send you immediately a reservation confirmation and a description of way.After receipt of the travel confirmation a pre-payment of 1/3 of the travel price is to be paid. The payment of balance must have been received at the latest 21 days before departure.


Service locally

We co-operates with experienced, in the region resident partners. This means for you that you have in the proximity a partner (the owner of house), to possibly solve are endeavored arising problems sovereign and it with questions competently. Since we offer only accommodations in the rural area, it may not be presupposed that your interlocutors understand German. English is always speaking.


In the same house living owner of house is very friendly; they help and to inform on request, behave however otherwise completely discretely. To your children there are extraordinarily friendly and indulgent in Spain.


Complete prices

The rents include additional expenses such as water, power and gas. The final purification is computed partly separately. However a basic cleaning at the end has to always take place via the tenant. Washing-up e.g. is to be settled in principle. For you develop no house auxiliary costs, also with local cure tax you in Spain are not thus troubled. Heater costs are accounted directly locally with the respective landlord. The minimum renting duration amounts to one week. The right is entitled to them as tenants, the entire renting object as to be used described including all utensils.


Admission to garden- and pool care (if necessary after arrangement) must be granted to the owner. It can occur in all houses that a cabinet, a room or a garage are closed, since the owners keep their personal things here. You commit yourselve to treat everything with greatest possible care. You are obligated to announce and replace during the vacation time a damage resulted from your being to blame for or being to blame for your company or guests. This applies independently of it whether the damage after your departure is only noticed. We advise urgently to the conclusion of a private liability insurance.


Equipment and house quality

We do not offer standardized holiday areas, but rural regions and houses exclusive in the private property. The houses that the vacation service offered were usually conceived not from the beginning for foreign visitors and must correspond not necessarily means and north european highest level of broadcasting corporations. We attach particularly much importance to a beautiful and calm situation and to a clean, appropriate mechanism. Some technical, sanitary and decorative aspects, e.g. weaker discharge pipes, lower water pressure, occasionally naked bulbs or limewashed and wallpapered walls, must however simply in purchase are taken. The houses are all sufficiently furnished, however a filter coffee machine is usually missing and always does not have e.g. each bedroom a wardrobe in Spain. Spanish beds are usually only 180 -190 cm long; "french beds" are 135 cm broad. Bedlinen and towels are everywhere present and enclosed in the price. Garden furniture (table and chairs, however not inevitably beach chairs) is likewise present with presence of a terrace or a garden; often the houses have also a bricked grill in the garden (please look to the description of house). Swimming pools are from november to march out of operation. They can contain chlorine or salt/brine. Washing machines are so indicated to existing in the description of house. The sea proximity causes a relatively high air humidity in andalusia. This cannot occasionally - if sufficiently ventilated - to decaying smell; also asthma patients should this consider.




Number of the renting users

A not approved excess of the tenant number mentioned (this encloses also infants) is permitted in no case! The owner is entitled to reject the surplus people or compute a surcharge. Strictly forbidden also setting tents is in the gardens.


Domestic animals

The planned taking along of a domestic animal must be always indicated by reservation and confirmed by me. Permission applies in principle only to one animal (further animals must be confirmed separately). Where domestic animals are permitted, is to be made certain that they do not leave any traces (scratch, hair...); developed damage is charged for you by the owner. Nevertheless must be counted however in the house or the environment on domestic animals (allergikel people asks to inquire in individual cases)! Please note that dogs in Spanish restaurants have usually no admission and also some beaches for dogs are closed.


Current or water losses/insects

The infrastructure in the holidays area offered by the vacation service is not always comparable with england or germany. Possible current or water losses lies completely outside of my sphere of influence! Particularly in the summer the water pressure can diminish occasionally. These are restrictions in southern countries, particularly in country houses, occasionally to can arise. In southern countries, straight in the rural regions offered by me, must be counted also occasionally on the attendance by ants and other insects in the houses as well as on dog-bark and cock crows in the environment.


The way to the holiday house

The houses often lie in rural areas and in or at small villages. Roads and ways can be clearly closer therefore than this in nothern countries are usual; often the last meters are not asphalted or in bad condition. All approach road ways to the houses are passable with normal passenger car; however with surface transportations a particularly prudent and appropriate driving fashion is presupposed. Surface transportations can contain washing and impact holes, they are often quite narrow. We advise against the reservation, if you liked journeys with a set lower vehicle or with a particularly large passenger car or if you such ways to feel generally uncertain.


Arrival and departure

Key delivery normally takes place with holiday houses between 17 and 20 o'clock on day of arrival. If the tenant cannot arrive punctual, then he has connected with the key owner from on the way to sit down over guarantee, when and where now the delivery can take place. With not announced late journey no requirement on key delivery exists - this can take place then only on the next day. On the departure day the house must be absolutely released for cleaning at 10 o'clock, since usually in the same afternoon new tenants draw in.


General conditions


Vacation service Finca las Palmeras




1. Reservation

After entrance of your written or telephone reservation with the switching service Finca las Palmeras (called in the following one briefly VS) receives you a written reservation confirmation read.

Please send a copy signed back. The applicant commits itself by his signature also in the name of all participants to in-be entitled for all contractual obligations in accordance with the renting conditions. Basis of the contract are excluding at the day of arrival and for the travel period valid data of the description of house. The accommodations may not being inhabited of more people than announced.


2. Payment

The pre-payment at a value of 1/3 of the renting sum is due within 14 days after receipt of the reservation confirmation. Over the performed pre-payment you receive a separate confirmation (receipt confirmation). The payment of balance takes place until at the latest 3 weeks before journey, without further request. The locking travel confirmation (payment of balance confirmation) receive after receipt of your payment of balance. Late payment or non-payment is considered to VS as resignation and require the resignation fee of the delinquent customer.


3. Achievements/prices

The range of the contractual achievements results from the data of the travel confirmation. Special agreements, which change the range of these achievements, require the express written confirmation.


4. Resignation/transfer postings

With notice of the contract by the customer the following cancellation fees are raised: until 60 days before beginning of renting 1/3 of the rent (= pre payment), with resignation between 60. and 30. day before beginning of renting 50% of the rent, starting from that 30. day before beginning of renting 90%. Note please that also an undeserved refusal is considered as resignation and that with a resignation for disease reasons only 80% of the rent at the customers refund the travel resignation cost insurance. For the computation of the resignation costs the post office entrance is decisive with VS. The customer after the reservation of the journey regarding travel express takers, destination, if changes are when desired made travel date, the accommodation or the mode of conveyance, a handling charge can be raised from 25, - EUR. If the before-described transfer posting is no longer possible, a resignation from the travel contract must be accomplished to the aforementioned conditions and simultaneous new application. All explanations of the customer regarding transfer posting, change of date or resignation have to take place and require in writing to its effectiveness of the written confirmation via VS.


5. Travel resignation cost insurance

For the covering of the costs resulting from a resignation i recommend the conclusion of a travel resignation cost insurance to you.


6. Changes of achievement

Changes or deviations of individual achievements of agreed upon contents of the lease, which become necessary after conclusion and which were not caused by VS against faithful and faith, are only permitted, as far as these changes or deviations are not substantial. Possible performance demands remain unaffected, as far as the changed achievements are afflicted with lack. I commit myself to inform immediately the customers over changes or deviations. If necessary a free transfer posting or a free resignation is offered. If the stay is not substantially weighted due to with conclusion of a contract foreseeable higher force or strike, endangers or impairs, then both contracting parties can quit. This case the adhesion is limited of the travel price performed by VS to the repayment.


7. Adhesion of VS

VS obtain your reservation to the landlord/owner of your holiday house and cling in the context of the duty to exercise diligence of tidy buyers for the conscientious treatment of the renting registration, the careful selection of the service providers and the correctness of the performance specifications (according to advertisement). An adhesion for temporary disturbances in that water - current supply or disturbances by nature-conditioned or local occurences is excluded; likewise we are not responsible for a constant readiness of installations such as central heating/pool etc., as well as noise disturbance by building activities on adjoining properties. The adhesion of the landlord - not the mediator - from the lease for damage, which is not body damage, is altogether limited to the height of the three-way rent, as far as a damage of the customer was caused neither deliberately nor roughly negligently.


8. Guarantee

VS ensures the switching of a vacation home, an apartment or a holiday house. If an achievement should not be furnished by VS not or as stipulated, then the customer can require within an appropriate time remedy. VS is justified to create by contribution of one or indemnification with high order remedy.


9. Adhesion

VS is not responsible for achievements of the owners, e.g. the supply of the accommodation, who are placed by VS exclusive and in the travel advertisement and in the reservation confirmation expressly as foreign achievements are designated.


10. Resignation by the render

The owner / render reserves himself, in case of higher power, or if the rent object corresponds no more to the called conditions to withdraw from the renting of the object. In this case will try VS as a mediator to offer to you another, equivalent object. Should we not manage this, you get back your performed deposit. Other claims for damages do not exist.


11. Obligations of the tenant

With possibly arising achievement disturbances the customer is obligated to do in the context of the legal regulations of everything in order to contribute to a recovery of the disturbance and to keep the damage possibly developed small. The customer is obligated in particular, his objections during the local housing management and/or with the landlord immediately still during its stay to the knowledge admits. Complaints in Germany (or other countrys) after vacation end cannot be considered otherwise. During neglect and without express consent of VS customers, who leave the accommodation prematurely, lose any requirement on a possible backtransfer of the rent. Possible contractual requirements must be made valid within a monthly after return opposite VS. The rented accommodation is clean to leave, i.e. broom and cabinet clean. The customer has to treat the accommodation together with inventory maintainly. It is obligated to announce all damage arising during its residence time to the landlord. The customer is responsible personally for the damage caused by him.


12. Domestic animals

For the taking along of domestic animals the previous agreement of the landlord/manager is necessary. The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by the animal.


13. Journey/departure

The renting object can usually - a reservation of the house should exist - on the journey day off 17:00 o'clock to be referred; on the departure day the tenant leaves the house at the latest 10:00 o'clock. If you liked to remain longer, ask with the landlord to agree upon.


14. Other regulations

Area of jurisdiction for all disputes from the aforementioned switching contract is 50739 Köln/Germany. The inefficacy of individual regulations of the switching contract does not entail the inefficacy of the entire contract. The customer can sue VS only in 50739 Köln/Germany.


July 2019


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