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  Holiday house "Josmeh"

Finca "Los Anos Locos"

Holiday house "Monte Cazador"

Holiday house "Don Pedro"


General conditions



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           Holiday house Josmeh                 Parador Don Pedro

                     Holiday house "Josmeh"                                     Holiday house "Don Pedro"

                 Holiday house for 7 people                                      Holiday house for 6 people

                                  with pool                                                 80,- EUR - 100,- EUR/night

                         10 Kms to the beach                                                      with pool


           Finca Los Anos Locos                   The holiday house Monte Cazador

                     Finca "Los Anos Locos"                                      Holiday house "Monte Cazador"

                 Holiday house and apartment                                    Holiday house for 4 people

                for 2 - 4 people; from 322,- EUR                                from 490 EUR - 770 EUR/week

                 with a great swimming pool                                              1.500 m to the beach


All dwellings and holiday houses are simply and appropriately furnished. Deviations of it are marked in the respective description.